Antennas to Heaven

Confessions of a Witch 1: Sword of the Traitor

Gotta say, I didn’t see this coming. First hit for the soldier who bought autonomy by lopping off the king’s head, and it’s some sleazebag schoolteacher. It’s like I can hear the court yelling ‘traitor’ at me all over again. Let em – this perverted sack of shit was doing the job Vinny gave him, and I know the drill. If it came down from Vinny then it came down from the don. No question. Is this what he meant by challenging me?

Test flunked, looks like. Nice of this human stain to give up names just like that, although truth be told I couldn’t’ve stopped him from dumping his diarrhea of the mind into my head anyway. Either way, now I know who to warn off. Recruiting’s one thing but this? It’s supposed to be an honor, not a fuckin life sentence. What is wrong with the LA family?

…what is wrong with the LA family? I’m guessing it rhymes with “Malfonso.” Shame he’s into some kind of death cult shit, I kinda liked him. Guess I pulled off Butterfly a little too well, if they thought I was the one to groom to replace him. Why was he so hung up on our being such close blood? Gives me the chills if I’m being honest. What with the magic blood slavery thing. Is that what these chains are all about? This destiny, bound to these fuckers forever because I’m my father’s son? Jesus Christ. I broke em though…at least, I thought I did, before my impromptu vacation to the other Death Valley.

Fuck. What does this mean for Cara?

Well, one problem solved, this skeezeball’s dust. But what now? Am I supposed to waltz back in there and tell him where he can shove his freaky bondage meth? On the one hand, hell no, I should disappear right the fuck yesterday. On the other hand, I can’t just shut my eyes and pretend there’s not a dozen other assholes doing the same thing this dickbag was doing. If I can stop it…shouldn’t I?

Kingslayer, right? Seems like there’s no shortage of tyrannical jerkoffs that need beheading. Maybe that’s how I break those chains for good.

Jack said I foresaw how that coin was gonna land, like a damned prophecy or something. If I can see the future, maybe I can get an idea of just how fucked I’d be if I went back and pushed on this. Time to get flipping…



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