Antennas to Heaven

Confessions of a Witch 2: Oathbreaker

You give everything you got to something, and you think it’s enough. Enough for them, enough for you. And then it ain’t, and you start learning shit about yourself you never knew, and before you know it you’re slamming your own head into a lamppost and wondering why your mind-reading mentor was so gung-ho about recruiting a professional killer who loves his job a little too much.

No? Just me? Figures.

You’d think I’d learn my lesson, but here I am giving everything I got all over again to a new bunch of suits with enough secrets to fill a fuckin five-star Beverly Hills douchebag factory. But as much as I could count what I know about Porter on one hand, I believe him when he says he wants to take this city back from the Seers and pound them til they break. And I think he really does believe in the Elemental Precepts. And that’s enough for me.

Though if you ask Fate, it won’t always be enough.

Jesus Christ, I should’ve known breaking shit in Arcadia like that would come back to bite me in the ass. I gotta find somebody who knows something about blood magic, gotta figure out what the family’s really up to. It won’t make any difference to Fate, but it will to me. And it’ll sure as fuck make a difference to Alfonso, when I rip his spine out of his ass and beat him to death with it. Taking this to the mattress alone is a piss-poor idea but who else am I supposed to trust? I might be a traitor but I’m no rat, I got my pride. And I got the Supernal on my side, which ain’t nothin. Plus, Jack’s right, I got resources now. The Ladder’s got all kinds of records on bloodlines, could be the Giovannis show up somewhere in there.

You know what, if Destiny thinks I’m gonna bend over and take it til my own friends put me out of my misery, it’s got another thing comin. This witch has teeth, you blind motherfucker. I’m gonna find a way to make sure Fate doesn’t do to anybody else what it did to me. If I’m the hand of Arcadia in this city of fucked dreams, then I got every right to decide who wins and who loses. Not like it’ll be tough to hear what they really want, just gotta open the mind’s floodgates and let it through. And who knows. Maybe if I show Destiny how justice is supposed to work, I can change its mind about me too.



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