Antennas to Heaven

Confessions of a Witch 3: In the Blood

So let me get this straight. The Sangiovanni had honest-to-god Awakened magic in the blood, until the line ended as far as the Rome caucus is concerned back in the 1600s. And from all those stories Grandpa Marino and the old guard used to tell, the family’s been just about like it is now going back at least a couple centuries, back in Sicily. Long proud tradition, blah blah uphold the honor of the old country blah.

So what in the name of the Madonna’s holy tits happened?

Jesus, thinking about all that tradition talk, I feel like shit. I mean, yeah, they’re vampires. That don’t erase twenty-five years of family and pride and fuckin heritage. I broke that tradition in half and now it’s biting me in the ass. Gonna be literally if I’m not careful. They weren’t all so bad, y’know? Uncle Frankie and his crazy obsession with old movies and cheap cigars. Dominic’s stupid laugh that made him sound like a broken down pickup truck. The twins, that time we all got drunk and they forced that cabbie to take us all the way to Atlantic City at gunpoint. Pff, what a bunch of fuckin stunads. But they were my stunads. I let em all down. What’s Aunt Stella think of me now, huh? Or Aunt Bonnie, even. Christ.

Guess it was a hell of a lot easier walking away from Alfonso than it would’ve been if I’d stayed. And maybe that’s Fate’s point, here. Would I have ever woken up at home? Or would I have just done my job and made my bed like a good soldier until eventually I was told to lie in it and die and get back up again? Stefano said they don’t turn just anybody, you gotta be cold. Like I was. Or was gonna be, anyway. They would’ve made sure of that. Another couple years, another couple civilians, and Butterfly’d be all there was to me.

Finally caught on to how I’m running my mouth about everybody but Dad, huh? Jesus. I just can’t fuckin see it. Distant, yeah. Evasive, kind of a manipulative douchebag, slept around, okay. But vampire? Would a vampire really have kept coming back to teach his son how to drive and listen to stupid teenage bullshit? If he was a vampire why’d he get a divorce instead of just making us do whatever he wanted? Seems like such a human thing to do. You’d think somebody cold enough to get made wouldn’t bother. Especially after he went on the liquid diet.

Can’t trust my memory, though, not like this. What Porter said got me thinking. Everything I ever was is in my Oneiros someplace, and everything that ever happened to me is just sitting there in my past for the taking. If I looked back would I see something different now than I did then? Would I hear something else in all those arguments me and Cara eavesdropped on? I think Porter would say it’s better to face unpleasant truth than rely on nostalgia to sugarcoat it. …but hell if I can’t use that with Dad. A heaping dose of I’m your own fuckin kid should count for something. Especially with the Supernal behind it. Two can play at this manipulative douchebag thing.

Y’know, I’d been thinking my destiny had something to do with why all my Arcana seem like mirrors of the shit the vampires can do. But what if it’s the other way around? If the Giovanni were always supposed to be Awakened and I’m some kind of throwback to our original fate, are they some sick perversion of the bloodline?

I gotta see what’s in that file. Before I talk to Dad. I know Cara’ll just be fuckin devastated to wait another day for that barrel of laughs. I’d say it’ll give me time to figure out what the hell I’m gonna say but get real, if I get through that conversation without turning time back at least once it’ll be a goddamn miracle.



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