Antennas to Heaven

Confessions of a Witch 5: Homecoming

Dad. …the hell am I supposed to think about all this?

Just when you think you got it all figured out, huh? You had to go poking your nose around in the past and reading Joey’s mind. Couldn’t leave well enough alone and just have a nice civilized vampire hunt, could ya? No, now you just wanna talk to him. Like you of all people are gonna be some kinda fuckin redemption fairy and remind him that twelve years ago he gave a shit.

Then again, if anybody could…

Should check the future again. See if what I did back there changed anything. But y’know, if letting him betray me to Alfonso makes him feel like a fuckin stronzo for screwing over his own flesh and blood, and gets him to protect Carmen? Remember what’s important? Maybe I should let it happen. Just gotta make sure he doesn’t get staked for it. And figure out a contingency plan so Alfonso doesn’t actually ghoul me or whatever he’s got up his wrinkled-ass sleeve. Like drag Dad back in time with me or something. Not exactly by the book, but who’s counting?

I got three guesses for what the don needs me for and they all end in “blood,” but for what? Or does he know more about the family’s history than I think? Maybe he wants me for my magic, maybe he thinks I can do something the vampires can’t. Hell, maybe I could. What if Lodovico left some kinda Awakened legacy and they’ve been waiting five hundred fuckin years for another mage in the family? …might be worth going in for. I know what Carmen thinks, but if the family’s sitting on some Supernal Mystery…I sure as hell can’t leave it with em. Wishful thinking could get you a world of hurt, Adrian. But if wishful thinking ever worked for anybody, it’d be a witch.

This is the usually the part where I’d talk to Porter, but that could be exactly what sends him taking a long walk off the short crazy pier. …if I’m reading that Devil card right, not to mention that omen back when I whacked the teacher…well, let’s just say Alfonso might not’ve given up on his little succession scheme. Then again they might just want to shove their blood down my throat and use mine for some kinda domination ritual, who the fuck knows.

Still gotta tell Carmen what I saw. I know her, she ain’t gonna see what I do here. She’ll take it as proof Dad’s just a monster and has been ever since he got made. I gotta convince her to help me, she’s getting more and more fixated on the idea of taking down the whole family every time we talk about it. And she might be right, but right now from where I’m sitting, I can’t just sign off on that. Not yet, anyway. For one thing, they’re ghouling even the new guys now, which means if we wanted to wipe out the vampires and all their blood addict lackeys, we’d have to wipe out every guy over sixteen. That ain’t right. These assclowns didn’t know what they were getting into. What I need is to know more about vampires and how this shit all works. If there’s a way to fix this, somehow, I gotta find it.

Plus, can’t get too distracted here. Still got Seers to hunt down, spooks to question, and a Mysterium rat to have a little chat with. Now that Ma and Bonnie are on the road, the family can cool its heels a while. Though that ain’t gonna stop me opening Azaduhi’s head up like a fuckin melon to see what she knows. And me and Cara got a club to open. If I’m gonna host a we-saved-the-city party, it’s gotta happen before everybody up and forgets about it.

Oh, and let’s get one thing crystal clear. I ever see a witch-hunter again, he’s fuckin toast. Yesterday’s the last time I ever go easy on these dickbags, Sleepers or not. Still…kind of a fucked up moment you had there. Using Paradox like a weapon? What the hell’s the matter with you? And I still feel beat after that run-in with the Abyss today. Starting to think I might’ve invited in another giant.

Jesus, I do need to take a break. Time to see if Q’s up for a little R&R.



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