Antennas to Heaven

Confessions of a Witch 6: Bones to Pick

I should’ve known better than to fuckin tell Q anything. First thing out of his mouth after his personal vamp vendetta was done, he’s ready to take it to the mattress with the family and call in the goddamn Arrow cavalry while he’s at it. Doesn’t David have anything better to do than take this rookie’s phone calls? Jesus. Yeah, Q claims this wasn’t about revenge, he’s doing it all for the mission. That’s a barrel of horseshit. Cabal protocols clearly lay out the terms of engagement: threats to the collective Pentacle. That hit was a fuckin favor to you, you rotten little spostata, one I wouldn’t have bothered doing if she didn’t have something I wanted. The family hasn’t come within a stone’s throw of the Pentacle and the whole point is to keep it that way, you can’t hide behind the charter and claim this is anything but a jumped up crusade to play hero.

Well, guess what. My family may be a bunch of monsters but they’re not here to stroke your ego, and neither am I. You want to go on some fuckin witch hunt, pardon the expression, you can do it without my help. This ain’t what we got in this for. And if you think I’m gonna let you lay a finger on my father you got another thing coming. Jesus, he couldn’t even get it through his thick skull why I might still consider them family, or why those girls might’ve felt something legit for Azaduhi. He might hear lies but he sure doesn’t seem to know jack shit about the human heart.

Not to mention, him thinking I’d take the job on another vampire hit with him has gotta be a fuckin joke. This is the second time I’ve had to bail his dumb ass out after he went balls-out in front of a bunch of Sleepers, there is no way on God’s green Earth I’d be crazy enough to do it again.

And while we’re getting this all out on the table, who the fuck does that smug Panopticon bitch think she is, talking to my corpse like we’re friends after her flunky put a bullet in my skull? Who the hell is she and where does she get off claiming they don’t want to be my enemy? Tough sugar, princess, you shouldn’t’ve dedicated your life to grinding innocent people under your Eye’s heel if you didn’t want to be in my crosshairs.

On the other hand, no reason I can’t be intelligent about this. She wants to be pals. And I’ll be honest, that pylon sure as hell knows how to pick ‘em, if you know what I mean. …and she knows deep down I do want to see Dionysus again, fuck me. And since me and Medraut are such backstabbing buddies now, what’s to stop me from making another deal and turning on em when it’s convenient? Niente, that’s what. But first thing’s first, I need to know what Adrasteia’s up to and I gotta get her to help me find out where they’re keeping the Antenna. Fate’s a start, but with my luck it’ll lead me directly off a fuckin cliff on the way to their hideout.

And the cherry on top of this truly impressive pile of bullshit is it’s falling to me somehow to patch holes the size of the fuckin moon in this family. Time for the Hearthmaster to work his magic, I guess. And I’ll need it, too. Who knows what Cara’s gonna say when she sees Dad. Or whether Dad’ll keep his cool if she goes off on him. He barely kept it with me and I wasn’t even trying to piss him off. And let’s not forget what’s gonna happen when I get Ma and Bonnie on the phone. Christ on a cracker.

Silver lining, though. Dad’s talking to me at all. Covering for me, even. And maybe I can give him a little honest-to-God humanity time to really remind him what he walked out on back then. And more importantly, why he should be on my side.



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