Tag: Apostates


  • Jack

    Jack is an apostate Acanthus hailing from somewhere in the American South. Her history includes time spent hunting nightmare-creatures, studying with the L.A. Mysterium, and striking out to find her own path in Awakened life. Songs: All Around the …

  • Yamy

    Shown here in traditional garb, with traditional cigar. Often called "Tia Yamy," or "Aunt Yamy," by those who know her. Song: What a Wonderful World

  • Hachiman

    An Apostate voter and Syndic in the Eastern Assembly, Hachiman is a supposedly-reformed Seer of the Throne. Within the last year, he has emerged as the voice of the Eastern Assembly's Apostates, Seer cast-offs, and paroled or reformed criminals. Hachiman …