Tag: Sleepwalkers


  • Carmen Giovanni

    Adrian's younger sister, and the most "normal" family member he has. Though he originally left her in NYC, with regret, he altered their shared history during his Awakening. Now she works as a donation solicitor in L.A., and has few social ties aside from …

  • Steve "Kave" Wiems

    Steve is one of Miguel's oldest friends, and a good friend to have. He talks a big game, but doesn't really know much about how the world works outside of his community. Nobody can outrun the cops quite like Kave, which is an endearing or troubling …

  • Lucia "Lucy" Rivera

    Miguel met Lucy briefly during a party at his parent's home. She seemed to like him, and as they danced, she promised him change. Following the scene Mikhaila made, Lucy fled the party. Why Mikhaila feared her as a "demon" is yet unknown. Song: Angel …

  • Reese Davis

    Reese is the proprietor of a Hollywood occult store called Monarch Magic. He has seen more of the truth than most people, and it demands more from him. Song: Dark Horse