A witch initiated in the practices of SanterĂ­a.


Nimbus: Grand shadows watch through smoke, full of power and judgment. [Tilt: +1 and 8-again to Occult, -1 to Stamina]

Known Magic: Death 3 (Rote: Soul Marks), Matter 3 (Rotes: Craftsman’s Eye), Mind ?, Spirit ?

Mental Attributes 8, Social Attributes 10
Composure 4
Aspirations: Find a threat to the Santeros; Have her past come back to haunt her (Fated)
Obsessions: Learn the nature of the Saints; Become Wiser
Virtue: Encouraging. Vice: Deceptive.


Shown here in traditional garb, with traditional cigar. Often called “Tia Yamy,” or “Aunt Yamy,” by those who know her.

Song: What a Wonderful World


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