Chronicle Timeline

(italics = events from a rewritten timeline)

November 26, 2015 – Thanksgiving. Adrian travels back in time to this date during his Awakening and scares Liz with his strange behavior.

December 21, 2015 – Adrian receives a one-way ticket to Los Angeles from his uncle Joey “Jelly Donut” Giovanni. Adrian gives Carmen the bad news and takes her out for a night on the town.

December 21, 2015 – Adrian receives a one-way ticket to Los Angeles from his uncle Joey “Jelly Donut” Giovanni. Adrian travels back in time to this date during his Awakening to convince Carmen to accompany him west.

December 28, 2015 – Adrian arrives in Los Angeles and kills his goetia-possessed driver after it begs for help in a language he doesn’t understand.

December 28, 2015 – Adrian and Carmen arrive together in Los Angeles. Adrian knocks out their goetia-possessed driver after it begs for help in a language they don’t understand.

December 29, 2015 – Adrian meets Vincenzo “Milkman” Giovanni and Alfonso “Peacemaker” Don Giovanni.

January 18, 2016 – Adrian brings his car in to Domingo Marquez’ shop. Adrian and Miguel meet for the first(?) time.

January 21, 2016 – Adrian Awakens, and meets Jack.

January 22, 2016 – Adrian kills a corrupt teacher and quits the family business. Alastor sleeps with Jack for the first time, with mutual telepathy.

January 23, 2016 – Alastor meets Porter and enters his apprenticeship.

February 18, 2016 – Alastor begins his task to prove himself to the Consilium Silver Ladder, and dances with Jones. Alejandro Marquez’ birthday party. Miguel dances with Lucia Rivera and stops Mikhaila from shooting her. Miguel Dreams of fire and change.

February 19, 2016 – Mikhaila makes a few gangbangers murder each other.

February 25, 2016 – Alastor completes his task, divines an impossible double future involving Quetzalcoatl, and holds his Oneiros vigil.

February 26, 2016 – Alastor officially joins the Silver Ladder and learns about his Doom.

March 6, 2016 – Alastor stops on the street to watch Miguel paint his half-Awakened visions.

March 10, 2016 – Miguel Awakens, and tags City Hall.

March 11, 2016 – Miguel tries to show magic to Josefina and triggers Dissonance.

March 12, 2016 РMiguel meets Bad Science and Atham̩, and tags an abandoned subway station. Miguel receives an invitation to Aias.

March 13, 2016 – Miguel Dreams of meeting Alastor in an empty place. Miguel meets Tia Yamy and receives Ogun.

March 14, 2016 – Quetzalcoatl begins his initiation training with the Adamantine Arrow.

March 21, 2016 – Quetzalcoatl officially joins the Adamantine Arrow.

Friday, April 1, 2016

9:00 am – Vinny kidnaps Carmen.

8:00 pm – Alastor encounters Geoff, a Blackened Sleeper, and receives a call from Liz about Carmen. Quetzalcoatl encounters a proselytizer, a Blackened Sleeper, and receives a call from Anna Marquez about Josefina.

9:00 pm – Adrian investigates Carmen’s apartment. Miguel learns that Josefina went out to a bar with Azaduhi.

9:30 pm – Alastor learns from Porter that he’s dealing with vampires.

9:30 pm – Alastor tells Porter he’s going to the Prince to hunt vampires.

9:45 pm – Alastor travels back in time to this point to send Quetzalcoatl a text about bringing his gear.

10:00 pm – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl save a Sleeper blood doll, Randy Lister, from being hit by a bus. Alastor causes Dissonance. Alastor, Quetzalcoatl, and Steve sneak into the Prince. Alastor notices the temporal disturbance there.

10:30 pm – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl officially meet, then go back in time to avoid detection by cameras and Vinny.

10:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl saves Randy Lister from being hit by a bus. Alastor mind-controls Lister into telling them about the Prince’s vampire contingent. Alastor and Quetzalcoatl break into the Prince’s cellar, while Steve takes Lister to the hospital. Alastor sees the Men in Black for the first time.

10:30 pm – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl destroy a zombie guard and descend below the Prince into the Elysium church.

11:00 pm – The vampires hold Mass at Elysium. Azaduhi gains Quetzalcoatl’s trust with Majesty.

11:30 pm – Alastor confronts Vinny and Stefano “The Count” Costa, and rescues Carmen. Quetzalcoatl confronts Azaduhi and rescues Josefina, causing her to become Blackened.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

12:00 am – Alastor, Quetzalcoatl, and Carmen take Josefina to Jack’s place.

1:00 am – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl learn that Josefina is Blackened, and that Carmen is a Sleepwalker.

2:00 am – Alastor and Carmen discover that Liz and Bonnie are under the family’s house arrest. Alastor learns that Carmen will never die.

3:00 am – Alastor does a tarot reading that reveals Lucy’s role in Quetzalcoatl’s Awakening.

3:30 am – Alastor discovers Narcissa’s murder. Quetzalcoatl causes Paradox in a bar and triggers Dissonance. Alastor and Quetzalcoatl fight and trash the bar, then go back in time.

3:30 am – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl stop a Sleeper from getting scammed.

10:00 am – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl meet Hong and report on last night’s events.

11:30 am – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl stop Josefina from broadcasting a signal to other Men in Black.

12:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl buys Josefina lunch. Alastor reports in to Porter and they deduce that the Seers and the vampires are connected, and discover that vampires can sense sympathetic magic. Alastor gives Porter strands of his hair for sympathy and reads mutual betrayal in Porter’s future.

3:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl and Curia meet Ron Hanson.

5:30 pm – Alastor and Curia visit Miguel’s house for dinner.

6:30 pm – Men in Black arrive, and Josefina points them in the mages’ direction.

6:30 pm – Alastor and Miguel use knowledge of the future to convince Josefina not to alert the Men in Black. Miguel takes his family out to ice cream to avoid the Men in Black while Alastor and Curia wait in the backyard.

7:00 pm – Alastor reports in to Porter and they deduce that Sleepers have been transforming into physical Men in Black.

7:15 pm – Alastor Temporally Summons Miguel’s past backyard and discovers that Lucy is a natural goetic medium; and that she delivered a message directly from the Aether, and was possessed by a goetia, the night Miguel danced with her.

7:45 pm – Quetzalcoatl discovers the goetia was Elegua and was sent via Awakened magic, with a Signature Nimbus like a blazing sun. Alastor and Quetzalcoatl investigate the backyard and figure out where to find Lucy.

8:30 pm – Alastor looks into Josefina’s past and discovers that she became Blackened due to Quetzalcoatl’s magic.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

12:00 am – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl journey into their Oneiroi.

2:00 am – Alastor defeats Josefina’s mental image of vampire-Al to gain entry to her Oneiros. Quetzalcoatl convinces Josefina’s mental image of Miguel to let him pass into her Oneiros.

4:00 am – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl fight Men in Black and discover that they can convert other goetia to themselves. Alastor and Quetzalcoatl meet Josefina’s Truth. Alastor becomes Blackened.

4:30 am – Steve reports having seen a vampire lurking around the Marquez home.

5:30 am – Alastor discovers that Josefina’s Truth is her proto-daimon. Quetzalcoatl fulfills his Obsession with discovering the workings of the Lie.

6:00 am – Quetzalcoatl wastes his mana on a misfired Channel Mana. Alastor, Quetzalcoatl, and Josefina’s Truth sneak past the Men in Black.

6:30 am – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl tap into the Men in Black’s Mind/Forces broadcast network and learn more about their hive mind, including how to find their leader inside Josefina’s Oneiros.

7:00 am – Quetzalcoatl uses up his mana to jam the Men in Black’s signal while Alastor takes out the guards. Quetzalcoatl learns that the Men in Black must answer questions, while Alastor Scrutinizes Josefina in Black and learns more about their origins.

7:30 am – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl fight Josefina in Black, and lose. Alastor goes back in time to conserve Quetzalcoatl’s resources and try again.

6:00 am – Alastor realizes the key to defeating Josefina in Black is Josefina’s Truth. Quetzalcoatl creates a Platonic baseball for Josefina’s Truth to wield. Alastor remembers the route to Josefina in Black and they sneak past the Men in Black to get there.

6:30 am – Quetzalcoatl jams the Men in Black’s signal while Alastor takes out the guards. Alastor and Quetzalcoatl discover that the Men in Black can’t handle deception. Josefina’s Truth kills Josefina in Black.

7:00 am – Josefina’s Truth triggers a fight between her goetia and the remaining Men in Black.

7:30 am – Quetzalcoatl reveals the truth to Josefina’s Truth. Alastor hears the echo of Fate in Quetzalcoatl’s words “Figure out the flaws” as a bond between the siblings. Josefina’s Truth smashes the Men in Black’s control room in her Oneiros.

8:00 am – Quetzalcoatl returns to the world and sleeps. The Men in Black trick Alastor’s goetia into trapping him in his Oneiros.

8:30 am – Adrian’s Vice knocks him unconscious.

9:00 am – Adrian talks with “Nurse Jones.”

9:30 am – “Dr. Porter” convinces Adrian that his Awakening was a psychotic episode.

10:00 am – Adrian takes “Dr. Porter” into the Temenos with him. Adrian and a goetia kill the Man in Black.

11:00 am – Alastor goes back to his Oneiros and talks with his daimon. Alastor slows down time in his Oneiros.

11:30 am – Alastor explores the City’s ruins.

12:00 pm – Alastor summons his Oneiros from the past and explores the City as it was when he was on the cusp of Awakening.

1:00 pm – Alastor follows his own proto-daimon along the Path to Arcadia and experiences a moment of Gnosis.

1:30 pm – Alastor rebuilds the clock tower inside his Oneiros City and ends the Abyss’ curse. Quetzalcoatl wakes up and scouts the tunnels.

2:00 pm – Alastor returns to the world and talks to Carmen. Someone sets fire to a mage’s sanctum in East LA.

2:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl makes an offering to Elegua and Ogun. Alastor and Carmen go to Jack’s apartment to sleep.

3:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl checks in with Ch’asca and Steve.

3:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl talks to Josefina.

4:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl goes to Aias, meets Drift, and gives his report on the Men in Black to Arrow leadership.

5:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl forges a dagger at White Sand Metalworking and learns the Adamant Hand technique.

Monday, April 4, 2016

12:00 am – Alastor showers with Jack.

12:30 am – Alastor reports in to Porter and hears about the fire, then they go back in time to give Porter more sleep. Alastor and Jack go back in time again to avoid waking Carmen up.

12:00 am – Alastor talks to Jack about the City and the House of Ariadne.

8:00 am – Alastor arrives at Union Station.

8:00 am – Alastor arrives at Union Station and delivers the Angeli Pontis cabal protocols to Skorpios’ Provost.

8:30 am – Quetzalcoatl arrives at Union Station.

8:45 am – Porter arrives at Union Station and delivers information from Rome about the Sangiovanni clan to Alastor.

9:00 am – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl attend the Consilium Council meeting. Alastor reports on the Men in Black.

9:15 am – Holden moves to adjourn the public Council meeting before Quetzalcoatl or Hong can give a report. Alastor announces the formation of Angeli Pontis. Quetzalcoatl reports on the Men in Black and the vampires.

9:30 am – Lucero moves to launch an investigation into the Consilium Guardians’ involvement with vampires. Skorpios tables the motion until after the Men in Black crisis is resolved. Hong delivers her report on the vampires and the Men in Black, asserting that the Guardians were investigating a connection between the vampires and the Seers.

10:00 am – Hong accepts Alastor’s invitation to dinner. Quetzalcoatl and Alastor meet John Doe.

10:15 am – Alastor Temporally Summons his past self and Porter studies the Blackened infection.

10:30 am – The Consilium Council requests that Angeli Pontis continue to investigate Lucy.

10:45 am – Panopticon takes pictures of Alastor while spying on him.

11:30 am – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl visit the tunnel Hallow to refresh their mana and set down the Angeli Pontis protocols.

1:00 pm – Alastor divines a new impossible double future for the cabal.

2:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl gleans Lucy’s information from police station records. Alastor researches the Sangiovanni clan’s Awakened history.

3:00 pm – Several Blackened Sleepers surround Alastor and Quetzalcoatl. Alastor goes back in time.

2:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl gleans Lucy’s information from police station records. Alastor tails a Blackened Sleeper and reads her thoughts. Alastor drives her to find others like her, who take her to a private place and kill her to stop her from sensing magic. Alastor threatens another Blackened Sleeper to learn more about their behavior. Alastor learns the Blackened Sleepers are drawn to magic and each other. Alastor goes back in time.

2:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl gleans Lucy’s information from police station records. Alastor evades the Blackened Sleepers and realizes the full weight of his responsibility as a time traveler.

3:30 pm – Alastor charms Katie into letting him and Quetzalcoatl search Lucy’s locker at her dance studio. They pick up a lead about Wendell.

3:40 pm – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl intercept Hong on the way to Wendell and the three investigate a Mystery there. Alastor discovers the bar is filled with goetia and astrally projecting Sleepers. Alastor follows Holmes outside. Quetzalcoatl finds Lucy.

3:40 pm – Angeli Pontis arrive from the future. Alastor tells Carmen to meet them. Alastor reports in to Porter and Quetzalcoatl reports in to David. Porter tells them about the Tower Theater and advises not letting the Seers get there first. David gathers an Arrow/Guardian force for a strike on the theater.

3:45 pm – Hong finds Lucy, who tells her about the time travel and the Seers, which Holmes overhears. Dionysus escapes, but Alastor mind controls Holmes to stay behind.

3:50 pm – Alastor discovers that Holmes is part of a Panopticon Seer’s psyche. Dionysus mind controls Alastor into answering questions. Alastor tags Holmes with Oaths Fulfilled. Quetzalcoatl and Hong chase Holmes away.

3:50 pm – Quetzalcoatl handles damage control while Alastor threatens Holmes. Holmes discorporates. Alastor goes back in time.

3:50 pm – Quetzalcoatl handles damage control while Alastor strikes a deal with Holmes for information. Alastor discorporates Holmes.

3:55 pm – Dionysus unleashes Paradox on a street full of Sleepers. Alastor goes back in time to prevent it.

3:55 pm – Quetzalcoatl ruins Dionysus’ limo. Dionysus escapes under cover of a crowd of Sleepers.

3:55 pm – Quetzalcoatl finds a place for everyone to wait for Porter’s arrival. Alastor convinces Hong to drop all charges against Quetzalcoatl.

4:00 pm – Alastor fails to convince Hong to drop all charges against Quetzalcoatl. Alastor, Quetzalcoatl, Hong, and Lucy have lunch. The mages learn about Lucy’s condition and she agrees to help deal with the Men in Black in exchange for safety. The mages learn that the Men in Black’s home base is a theater, which Alastor recognizes as the clock tower he repaired in his Oneiros.

4:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl talks to Lucy and shows her Sacred Geometry. Hong invites Alastor to a concert and shows him Nightvision. Alastor foresees Hong’s death and discovers that Panopticon photographed him at Union Station.

4:30 pm – Oaths Fulfilled shows Alastor a vision of Dionysus and Zeus. Alastor refuses to tell Hong everything and she leaves.

4:30 pm – Bonnie calls Carmen. Alastor discovers that the family has collected Liz’ blood. Alastor divines a future in which Johnny betrays him but not Carmen.

4:30 pm – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl talk.

4:40 pm – Quetzalcoatl and Lucy talk, and dance on the wall of a building. Alastor meets with the other Oenopion members and learns that Lemegeton’s sanctum has been burned. Alastor learns that Porter studies Death.

4:45 pm – Porter tries to scry Dionysus and accidentally scries the Crowned Guardian instead, who notices them. Porter discovers that he and Alastor both have sympathy with the Crowned Guardian. They go back in time to avoid the mishap.

4:45 pm – Porter opens a telepathic connection to Alastor and advises beating the Seers to the Tower Theater.

5:00 pm – Alastor buys Carmen a late lunch and they go back in time.

5:00 pm – The group prepares for encountering Panopticon and the Men in Black. Quetzalcoatl gets Lucy’s phone number and experiences frustration at running up against his spellcasting limitations.

5:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl shows the others how to perfect their understanding of their tools, and in overcoming his frustrations he experiences a moment of Gnosis.

6:00 pm – Alastor, Quetzalcoatl, Curia, and Jones drive to the Tower Theater and see an unprecedented number of strange mirages.

6:30 pm – They find a mindless Sleeper on the side of the road and invisibly wait out a cadre of Men in Black, who break a window in Alastor’s car.

7:00 pm – They ambush and then fight the Seers. Alastor and Dionysus negotiate a truce, and Zeus seals it with a Fate oath. The mages exchange information about the Men in Black.

7:15 pm – The Arrow and Guardian forces close in on the theater. Alastor and Quetzalcoatl learn that the theater may have an entrance to the Temenos in it, and agree to accompany the Seers inside before Pentacle forces arrive.

7:30 pm – Alastor trades his sympathetic name to Dionysus for information about how she tracked him down during his Awakening and the Hegemony’s connection to the Giovanni. Alastor learns the Crowned Guardian sent the sniper to intercept his Awakening. Dionysus offers to show him the spell that finds people mid-Awakening, and take down the Crowned Guardian together; Alastor tables negotiations. Quetzalcoatl argues with Zeus about hubris and compassion.

7:45 pm – Alastor, Quetzalcoatl, and Dionysus investigate the Labyrinth shaped like a High Speech rune outside the theater. Zeus kills a possessed Sleeper. Alastor turns back time to ensure they still beat the Pentacle forces to the Men in Black

7:45 pm – Alastor, Quetzalcoatl, and Dionysus take in the Pandemonium Verge’s soul-searching show. Quetzalcoatl explains the value of truth and individual identity. Alastor shields Dionysus from being overwritten by her Constant Presence. Zeus thinks he killed a possessed Sleeper, overwritten by his Constant Presence.

8:00 pm – Zeus loses patience and picks a fight with Quetzalcoatl. Alastor mind controls Zeus into standing down.

8:10 pm – Alastor, Quetzalcoatl, and Dionysus confront the corrupted Wraith in Black and learn that it killed the Seer pylon that created it. Quetzalcoatl identifies the three soul stones that form the Demesne. Alastor destroys one soul stone to destroy the Verge, and realizes he’s been reliving his Awakening mystery play in reality. Quetzalcoatl inspires the Wraith to open a portal to the Men in Black’s origin world and go there. Quetzalcoatl and Dionysus save Alastor from the Wraith.

8:30 pm – Dionysus and Zeus escape.

8:45 pm – Knave sneaks into the theater but is caught. The Assembly Arrow and Guardians arrive, and the Arrow agrees to put the theater under its protection until the Sleepers are taken care of.

9:15 pm – Angeli Pontis gives David and Porter a tour of the tower room and make plans to finish off the men in black.

10:00 pm – Alastor meets Deuce and they talk about working together to encourage Awakenings. Alastor conspires with Hong, agreeing to investigate Knave’s intrusion further together. Alastor investigates the dead Seers’ pasts with Jones, Ron, and Zeno, learning that Adrasteia worked with the Seers. Jones agrees to bartend in the club when it opens.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

10:30 am – Alastor creates a new Demesne at the Tower.

2:00 pm – Angeli Pontis investigate the Seer library left behind at the theater and learn the capabilities of the Antenna.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

12:00 pm РQuetzalcoatl talks over lunch with Atham̩ about his Legacy, cabal territory, and taking Josefina on a retreat.

2:00 pm – Alastor goes back to Wendell and learns about the Sleepers’ acamoth-summoning curse by pretending to be an angel visiting one of the astrally-projected Sleepers. Quetzalcoatl reports in to Aias and investigates the map of MIB activity, Awakened holdings, and leylines.

3:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl helps Yamy clean up after a break-in and gains a greater understanding of Matter.

4:00 pm – Alastor reports in to Porter and experiences a psychotic break, increasing his understanding of Mind.

6:00 pm – Alastor investigates his soul stones and learns about Courier, the Metropolitan who pawned off her soul stone so it would fall into someone else’s hands via Fate; Reese Davis, who will be the first guided by Alastor’s cryptopoly; and Jillian, the Seer celebrity. Alastor fails to find the astrally projected Sleepers the Guardians are hiding.

6:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl performs a Matter ritual to provide perfected items for the Pentacle Orders, and receives multiple invitations on behalf of the cabal.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

2:00 pm – Alastor and Carmen work to prepare the Tower Theater for its transformation. Quetzalcoatl attends his final day of classes before taking a semester off for independent study.

5:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl talks to Professor Lecia Dole-Recio about his independent study and discovers she’s a Sleepwalker.

Friday, April 8, 2016

9:00 am – Josefina goes on a retreat with Athame.

8:00 pm – Alastor goes on a date with Hong and discovers the treaty between the Guardians and the city’s vampire government. She hints that he should find someone in the Eastern Guardians to further investigate the conspiracy.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

12:00 am – Angeli Pontis arrive from the future. Alastor has Deuce clear out the Arrow guards and lures Vinny to the theater. Quetzalcoatl convinces Violeta not to go to the party with Azaduhi.

12:45 am – Vinny arrives at the theater with several feral vampires and soldiers. Quetzalcoatl fights them off while Alastor kills Vinny. Alastor prepares Vinny’s head in a box with a note to Alfonso. They return to the future.

8:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl and Alastor fill each other in on what they’ve discovered over the last few days. Carmen joins Angeli Pontis on a trial basis.

9:00 pm – The cabal meets with the Consilium Herald Iris to go over the details for the Disneyland ritual.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

12:00 am – Quetzalcoatl has a Dream that confirms the acamoth summons have begun.

10:00 am – Alastor foresees Porter’s death, along with five other mages, at the hands of witch-hunters. Alastor foresees losing his hand in the process of closing the Scar.

11:00 am – Angeli Pontis arrives at Disneyland.

11:30 am – Quetzalcoatl adjusts the geomancy of Disneyland’s leylines while Alastor hunts down the hunters.

2:00 pm – Alastor follows Anna through tunnels under It’s a Small World; she, Frank, and John set him up and take him prisoner. Quetzalcoatl helps the Arrow with crowd control as MIB-influenced Sleepers protest at the gates.

2:00 pm – Alastor follows Anna into the tunnels underneath It’s a Small World and Quetzalcoatl meets up with him there. Angeli Pontis track the hunters and set up an ambush. They subdue the hunters and discover that the Algorithm may have killed Anna’s brother in a human sacrifice ritual. They send the witch-hunters back to the Guardians for a memory wipe and Paradox damage control.

2:00 pm – Alastor follows Anna into the tunnels underneath It’s a Small World and ????

3:30 pm – The witch-hunters fight Alastor and get the upper hand. Alastor sends Quetzalcoatl back in time.

5:00 pm – Alastor meets Ch’asca. Quetzalcoatl neutralizes the witch-hunters’ arsenal and reports in to Ch’asca about the acamoth-summoning Sleepers. Alastor meets One , Snow Tha Product, and Salome.

5:30 pm – Alastor and the thearchs begin the ritual to destroy the MIB. Quetzalcoatl protects the astrally-projecting Sleepers and Lucy from the MIB.

8:30 pm – Alastor makes contact with the MIB hive mind. Alastor and the thearchs complete the ritual. Quetzalcoatl and the Arrow fight the MIB as they gather, until the ritual’s completion. The MIB destroy themselves. The Unremembered take custody of several MIB to study, with the Mysterium.

9:30 pm – Angeli Pontis attend the afterparty with other Awakened. Quetzalcoatl spends the night at Lucy’s place. Alastor has a late dinner with Carmen and fills her in on what happened.

9:30 pm – Angeli Pontis attend the afterparty with other Awakened. Quetzalcoatl spends the night at Lucy’s place. Alastor gets intimate with Salome in the alley, lets her summon his Vices, and indulges them.

Monday, April 11, 2016

9:00 am – Quetzalcoatl discovers a bouquet of flowers from “Marcus” outside Lucy’s door.

10:00 am – Quetzalcoatl talks to Farrier about her Legacy and trains at Aias.

11:00 am – Alastor blackmails the construction workers to ensure they get the job done faster.

12:00 pm – Alastor astrally projects to New York and uses magic to hold off Liz’s mental command from Joey. He digs into the past and learns what happened the night Johnny ‘Ladykiller’ Giovanni left.

12:30 pm – Alastor helps Liz and Bonnie Bevilacqua Giovanni escape from the family’s surveillance, and learns that the family is turning more of the younger soldiers into ghouls.

1:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl has lunch with Steve and talks to him about possibly joining the cabal, and getting the Truth out. Steve decides not to join the Arrow.

1:30 pm – Alastor sneaks into Joey’s house and finds the Giovanni family tree. He reads Joey’s subconscious and learns more about the family’s plans for him, and about Johnny and vampires.

1:30 pm – Dionysus and Zeus sneak into the theater, kill Alastor, and take the Antenna. Dionysus warns Carmen not to tell anyone about Alastor’s death and threatens her. Persephone makes him an offer while he’s dead, to meet her and Dionysus back at Wendell. She remarks that he “looks so young.”

2:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl plays football with Steve and Mechy.

2:30 pm – Alastor wanders New York City while astrally projected.

7:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl tags a train at the train yard, inspiring local people to curiosity about magic.

9:00 pm – Pluto delivers Alastor’s corpse to Alfonso and Johnny.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

12:00 am – Alfonso locks Alastor’s corpse in a coffin in his private room.

1:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl can’t reach Alastor. Carmen lies and tells Quetzalcoatl Alastor is busy on family business.

2:00 pm – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl hang out at a pool hall, shoot the shit, and discuss cabal business. Alastor foresees Quetzalcoatl’s future with Lucy.

2:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl tells Steve about the Pentacle Orders.

6:00 pm – Angeli Pontis visit Yamy and agree to help find Violeta Medina.

6:30 pm – Alastor receives Ochosi. Alastor looks back in time to discover Violeta’s death by vampire drug overdose, Vinny’s involvement, and Pluto’s feral vampire experiment.

8:00 pm – Angeli Pontis receives a message from the Consilium Guardians and ends the Antenna’s astral projection spell on the Sleepers.

8:00 pm – Carmen receives a message from Iris but can’t read High Speech. ?? ? ? ? ?

8:30 pm – Alastor reports in to Porter, who tells Angeli Pontis to solve its own problems. Alastor reveals the truth about his family to Quetzalcoatl. They agree to go back in time to save Violeta.

9:30 pm – Alastor tells Carmen about Johnny’s last night at home and they argue. They find the deed to the theater, along with newspaper clippings from the theater’s history, hidden by Seers.

10:00 pm – Alastor gambles and wins enough money to start renovations for the club.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

3:00 am – Alastor consults with his daimon and learns about the subconscious sources of his emotional struggle.

9:00 pm – Angeli Pontis meet up to discuss strategy for their time travel plan.

9:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl goes out dancing with Lucy and her friends.

10:00 pm – Angeli Pontis travel back in time to Friday night.

10:00 pm – Angeli Pontis jump back to the present. Alastor consults the goetia of his Fate Arcanum and reaches a greater understanding of Fate.

10:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl fights Azaduhi and Liam in a crowded club with Lucy’s help. A video recording of the fight goes viral on Youtube.

11:00 pm – Lucy snaps a photo of Azaduhi getting into a car, with the license plate visible. Quetzalcoatl escapes with Lucy and has invisible sex with her on a rooftop.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

12:00 am – Alastor escapes the coffin and looks into his own past to find out what changed. Alastor reads Ludovico Giovanni’s journal.

12:00 am – Alastor escapes the coffin, steals everything from Alfonso’s safe, and gets Porter to teleport him to the hotel while he staves off bleeding out with Veil of Moments. Porter and Salome save his life.

12:00 am – Alastor escapes the coffin, steals everything from Alfonso’s safe, and sneaks out of the mansion to call Johnny. Johnny agrees to meet with him.

12:30 am – Alastor fights Alfonso. Alfonso drains him of blood and nearly kills him. He goes back in time.

12:30 am – Alastor brushes off a traumatized Carmen at the theater. Carmen packs a bag and leaves.

12:30 am – Alastor arrives from the future to reunite with Carmen and reassure her that everything is okay.

1:00 am – Porter and Salome tell Alastor the skull is an artifact. Alastor takes advantage of Porter’s generosity to clear his mind. Alastor goes back in time.

1:00 am – Alastor meets up with Johnny and they talk. Alastor convinces Johnny to let him cast a spell to protect him from the family’s control.

2:00 am – Alastor and Johnny go out for a night on the town.

5:00 am – Quetzalcoatl Dreams about a terrible beast that guards Azaduhi’s daysleep.

6:00 am – Alastor discovers Carmen is gone and trashes the tower room. He goes back in time.

6:00 am – Alastor arrives from the future after sleeping and takes Carmen out to breakfast to tell her everything that happened.

12:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl monitors the city’s radio signals and discovers he’s wanted by the police.

2:00 pm – Alastor reports in to Porter and learns about the lion. Alastor agrees to get the Antenna back from Panopticon. Alastor and Porter study Gennaro’s skull, then go back in time together.

2:00 pm – Porter follows up on skull research.

2:30 pm – Angeli Pontis meet up at the theater. Alastor calls in a favor with Deuce to clear Quetzalcoatl’s name with the police. Alastor and Quetzalcoatl fill each other in. Alastor foresees the means by which Quetzalcoatl will kill Azaduhi.

3:00 pm – Angeli Pontis find the AP safehouse where Azaduhi sleeps and sneak inside, avoiding the werewolf that guards her. They prepare extensive magic. Alastor discovers that Azaduhi is the peacemaker between AP and the Giovanni, and asks Quetzalcoatl to carve the Giovanni sigil on the wall to imply the family’s involvement in her destruction. Quetzalcoatl kills Azaduhi with sunlight. Alastor clears the mortals’ love of Azaduhi out of their minds.

4:00 pm – Porter texts Alastor his theory that the skull can be activated by fervent prayer for mercy and absolution.

7:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl talks with Steve about enlightenment and the weekend he doesn’t remember. He crashes at Steve’s place. Alastor convinces Carmen to go out for a girls’ night with Jones and Phoenix.

8:00 pm – Alastor finds a message from the City which helps lead him to a cop who abused his power by bullying the innocent.

9:00 pm – Alastor, in the guise of a hitchhiker, punishes the cop and lets him go.

10:00 pm – Alastor calls Johnny and discovers that Alfonso suspects his involvement in the dissolution of the AP alliance. Alastor shields Johnny’s thoughts from the vampires.

11:00 pm – Alastor summons Hugin and makes a deal with him to be the Sanctum’s guardian.

Friday, April 15, 2016

5:00 am – Johnny tells Alastor he’s been ordered to stake out the theater but the mental shield seems to have worked, so Alastor invites him inside.

5:30 am – Alastor studies Johnny’s vampiric condition and they compare notes about the curse.

6:00 am – Johnny uses the skull of Gennaro to pretend at humanity for the day. He tries to touch sunlight, but it burns and awakens the Beast, ending the skull’s effects. Alastor goes back in time.

6:00 am – Johnny uses the skull of Gennaro to pretend at humanity for the day. Alastor warns him about the sunlight and brings him coffee and breakfast.

10:00 am – Alastor and Johnny make plans to stage a family coup. Alastor foresees attending Prince Anguis’ masquerade ball with Johnny.

11:00 am – Alastor has lunch with Carmen and Johnny.

12:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl reports in at Aias and learns that everyone has seen the Youtube video. He meets the Jaguar Warriors, and learns about the Aegis and Apocalypse factions.

12:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl talks to David and Farrier about vampire hunting and the cabal’s mission.

1:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl engages in a challenge with Yagan in front of his followers.

4:00 pm – Alastor meets up with Jacob and makes a deal.

6:00 pm – Alastor meets with Sopio and makes another deal.

6:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl alters the Youtube video to briefly show the truth of the vampires in the recording.

7:00 pm – Alastor stakes Johnny and turns his torpor dreams lucid.

10:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl tags the Griffith Observatory.

11:00 pm – Alastor raids a hospital for blood.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

12:00 am – Quetzalcoatl meets up with John Doe just outside the city and learns about Watchtower Publishing. Alastor acquires a mini-fridge and a stash of blood from a hospital.

8:00 am – Quetzalcoatl visits Watchtower Publishing and meets with John, Parker, and Hertz. John gives him a mission for the Tamers of the Winds, and tells him that someone will deface his observatory painting.

11:00 am – Alastor introduces Quetzalcoatl and Hugin. Alastor foresees that Pluto and the revenants will escape the abandoned veterinarian’s office. Quetzalcoatl shows Alastor his observatory tag; Alastor tells him that Griffith Park belongs to an unknown supernatural faction.

11:00 am – Alastor arrives from the future to move the timetable up with Sopio and change the plan.

11:30 am – Alastor hears “All Along the Watchtower” on the Radio and calls Jack, who invites him on a monster hunt.

11:30 am – Angeli Pontis meets with AP at the vet’s office, and break in with Sopio.

11:30 am – The Panopticon pylon destroys the vet’s office and the revenants; Alastor rescues the Giovanni soldiers from the blaze and convinces Sopio AP can still take the credit, but Angeli Pontis don’t retrieve Kelly or Randy. (Or Pluto, technically.)

12:00 pm – Alastor convinces Gino to round up the Giovanni soldiers and leave while Quetzalcoatl rigs up blinding flares. Alastor studies the revenants.

12:00 pm – Alastor convinces Gino to round up the Giovanni soldiers and leave while Quetzalcoatl rigs up a salt blade. Alastor stops Sopio from killing the soldiers, then studies the revenants while Quetzalcoatl loops the security cameras’ footage.

12:30 pm – Alastor foresees that the “Six of Wands” will deface the painting, and that Angeli Pontis will investigate him in July, and that the painting will have touched hearts and minds. Angeli Pontis goes back in time.

12:30 pm – Sopio kills two of the soldiers. Pluto summons Kelly to fight the intruders. Sopio releases the revenants, which kill the remaining soldiers. Alastor sends Quetzalcoatl back in time.

12:30 pm – Angeli Pontis break in to Pluto’s Sanctum, find Randy Lister, and fight Pluto. Sopio kills the revenants. Alastor mind controls Kelly and wins her loyalty while Quetzalcoatl shapes a hole in the roof to bring Pluto down. Pluto feigns death, but Angeli Pontis capture him. Porter portals everyone back to the theater.

1:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl and Curia administer first aid to Randy while Alastor shields the theater from time alteration, to end when the Seers find out about Pluto’s capture. Quetzalcoatl learns Randy and others like him were used to process Pulse, and stops Pluto from escaping. Porter arrives and the Time spell ends; Alastor discovers Porter is a Seer plant. Alastor stops Persephone from changing history too much, but Kelly and Randy vanish.

1:00 pm – Persephone calls Alastor and threatens to send more nonsense if Alastor doesn’t kill Pluto. Alastor foresees Angeli Pontis working with Zeus and Dionysus, improved relations with the pylon, and visiting Porter’s Oneiros. Alastor kills Pluto.

1:30 pm – Alastor tells Porter about the Seers’ surveillance. Porter freaks out and leaves. Alastor turns back time.

1:30 pm – Porter pulls information out of Pluto’s head while Persephone tries to stop him from a distance. Angeli Pontis learns Persephone is in league with Anguis and Pluto’s vampire project was an attempt to recreate vampirism because he thought it was an Exarch tool. Persephone sends a Fate tornado to wreck the theater. Porter teleports everyone out of the way while the theater is destroyed. Alastor turns back time.

1:30 pm – Angeli Pontis investigates Pluto’s research and belongings, and discovers a human soul and a vampire soul among them.

2:00 pm – Alastor shows Johnny to Quetzalcoatl. Angeli Pontis argue about the Giovanni coup and involving the Arrow in vampire business. Alastor and Quetzalcoatl talk about Wisdom.

3:00 pm – Miguel fixes cars with Domingo and Pedro.

3:30 pm – Alastor and Carmen talk about the past, the future, and the family. Alastor uses Postcognition to discover the night Salome summoned his demons in the alley behind the ritual afterparty.

5:00 pm – Alastor attends Salome’s benefit party, accepts Macaria’s job offer, hears Cox’n’s warning about the coming war, and meets Appleseed.

6:00 pm – Josefina and Athame return to the city. Quetzalcoatl has dinner with his family and learns that Josie is a Sleepwalker.

7:00 pm – Salome coerces Alastor into having sex with her in the church. Alastor turns back time.

7:00 pm – Alastor fends off Salome’s advances.

7:30 pm – Miguel cuts Josefina’s hair, and Josefina stands up to Anna.

9:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl investigates the disappearance of James and Amy Lu, and discovers that they were John Doe’s parents, and that the Abyss’ interference erased them from the world.

10:00 pm – Alastor has drinks with Kevin Bacon and learns about the situation with the NYC Consilium.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

12:00 am – Alastor travels back to this point in time and tells Porter to go to his Oneiros.

1:00 am – Alastor breaks into Porter’s Oneiros.

1:30 am – Alastor uncovers the broken memory of Vine and Janus. Porter’s daimon interferes. Alastor goes back in time.

1:30 am – Alastor tells Porter to go to his Oneiros, then takes Generosity hostage and finds Porter’s office full of memories and thoughts. An intruder breaks into Alastor’s Oneiros. Alastor goes back in time.

1:30 am – Alastor and Envy track down Porter’s daimon and discover that it has defeated Porter. Alastor forces it to banish the Crowned Guardian from the Oneiros and temporarily makes Porter lucid. Porter crams his Oneiros into Alastor’s.

8:30 am – Quetzalcoatl Dreams that the prevention of Abyssal disappearances is possible.

9:30 am – Alastor and Porter discover the consequences of sharing an Oneiros, that Porter is 83 years old, and the nature of his Prelacy.

10:00 am – Alastor restores Porter’s memory of his Legacy; Porter releases the Crowned Guardian as his familiar. Alastor studies the door. Miguel attends church with his family.

12:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl tells John Doe what happened to his parents. John tells Quetzalcoatl about the Tamers of the Winds Legacy. Alastor and Jones move Porter out of his office.

12:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl jumps off a roof and becomes the wind.

1:00 pm – Alastor hands the hotel over to Macaria and picks up the information about his first job with her.

9:00 pm – Alastor visits Johnny in his torpor dreams and the future advises him not to wake Johnny yet.

Monday, April 18, 2016

12:00 am – Alastor has a sitdown with Abraham at AP. Alastor kills a Sleeper who betrayed AP to show he’s worthy of an alliance.

12:30 am – Alastor accidentally gives away his telepathic presence in Abraham’s mind, and goes back in time.

12:30 am – Alastor successfully conceals his telepathic presence and makes a deal with Abraham and Sopio for protection and aid in taking down Alfonso.

2:00 pm – Alastor meets Adrasteia and she spooks before he gets any answers. Alastor goes back in time.

2:00 pm – Alastor finds out about Adrasteia’s experiments and makes a deal with Adrasteia for information about the Seers in exchange for keeping his proof of her involvement with the men in black to himself.

3:00 pm – Alastor foresees civil war between the Pentacle governments.

3:30 pm – Alastor goes sailing with Coxswain and Appleseed. Alastor talks to Cox’n about Destiny and the Ladder. Cox’n tells Alastor that he’s foreseen his own death in the coming war.

4:00 pm – The three Acanthus foresee the results of preventing the civil war.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2:00 pm – Alastor, Carmen, and Jones sample appetizers to vet a caterer for the club. Appleseed visits the theater and brings a grimoire for Alastor to use.

3:00 pm – Alastor studies the Temporal Summoning rote and distributes invitations to the club’s grand opening to both Pentacles, Dionysus, and a few others.

9:00 pm – Alastor casts Temporal Summoning from the grimoire to summon the Lesser Wall labyrinth and study it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

12:00 am – Alastor learns the truth about the Awakened City in LA, and meets Hammurabi, who tells him about the House of Ariadne and the heart of the city.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

6:00 pm – Alastor and Porter talk about the future, and cast a combined shield/veil around Alastor’s Oneiros to hide it from Janus.

8:00 pm – Alastor and Porter discover the truth about Porter’s creation.

Friday, April 22, 2016

3:00 pm – Alastor moves Porter to Quetzalcoatl’s Hallow and borrows the key soul stone. Quetzalcoatl gives Porter mana.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

6:00 pm – Alastor tells Quetzalcoatl about the upcoming Pentacle war. Alastor foresees the attack on the Consilium Council that starts the war, Angeli Pontis climbing a “golden ladder” to a “black mirror,” and their deaths while following Yagan to try to prevent the war.

8:30 pm – Alastor summons the goetia of Frank Sinatra and his band from the Temenos to play at the grand opening.

8:50 pm – Steve arrives and changes into Quetzalcoatl’s emergency dress clothes.

8:59 pm – John Doe and Cox’n arrive.

9:00 pm – Mezzanotte officially opens for business. Mages arrive and talk to Alastor and Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl checks everyone as they come through the door. Porter watches through Alastor’s eyes.

9:10 pm – Iris and E, aka Nash arrive. Quetzalcoatl pulls E aside and calls him out on his identity.

9:10 pm – Iris and E arrive. Quetzalcoatl pulls E aside and keeps him in the security room, stalling for time.

9:20 pm – Alastor meets Yamy (again).

9:20 pm – Alastor meets Yamy (again) and learns from her that the soul originally belonged to the Western Guardians of the Veil.

9:25 pm – Drift introduces himself to Alastor.

9:25 pm – Alastor alerts Hong to the thief’s presence, and she calls for Guardian backup. Alastor meets E.

9:30 pm – Alastor meets Athame. Quetzalcoatl pulls aside Lacrymos, who isn’t on the list, and learns about their mission to find the stolen soul.

9:30 pm – Lacrymos arrives.

9:35 pm – Alastor meets Lacrymos.

9:35 pm – Alastor provokes E into attacking first to keep him from leaving. Angeli Pontis fight E and Lewyatan while the Pentacle watches. Holden skips the line with Councilor privilege to get inside. Quetzalcoatl destroys Lewyatan. Alastor summons Abraham’s Horror from its Lair and defeats E.

9:40 pm – The Guardian backup arrives and helps clean up after the fight. Salome arrives with her entourage. Alastor hands E and the soul over to Ulysses, dances and conspires with Hong, and talks to Holden. Quetzalcoatl talks to Steve, who gets involved with Salome’s crowd.

9:40 pm – Alastor traces the fingerprints from the soul jar to Iris. Quetzalcoatl pulls aside Daat and confiscates his golem.

9:45 pm – Angeli Pontis speaks to Iris and learns that E is the real soul thief.

9:50 pm – Aamon warns Quetzalcoatl about Salome.

9:55 pm – Dionysus and Holden speak in line outside Mezzanotte.

10:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl and Steve discover that the mirrors and Iris have been enchanted with non-Supernal ruination magic. Alastor speaks to Leonardo in the Eastern Free Council and learns the stolen soul is a Master’s soul supposedly bequeathed to the Order.

10:00 pm – Alastor talks to Yamy and learns the secrets of Death, and of the theater’s history. The Jaguar Warriors warn Quetzalcoatl about corruption spirits in Echo Park.

10:10 pm – Alastor learns that Yamy has a history in the soul trade. Quetzalcoatl stops Iris from following E outside.

10:10 pm – Alastor fills Lacrymos in and buys them a drink. Dionysus arrives and conveys Zeus’ challenge to Quetzalcoatl.

10:15 pm – Alastor finds Dionysus in the tower room. Quetzalcoatl learns about E’s water bottle. Salome arrives with her entourage.

10:15 pm – Alastor dances with Dionysus. Salome arrives with her entourage. Dionysus gains Connected sympathy to Porter through Alastor. Porter tries to kill Dionysus and unleashes Paradox. Alastor goes back in time.

10:15 pm – Alastor dances with Dionysus. Quetzalcoatl gives Steve the ability to know the truth. Dionysus gains Connected sympathy to Porter through Alastor. Alastor learns that Porter’s been watching through his eyes and helps Porter move past the lion. Alastor realizes the Scar reacted to the Paradox even though it never happened.

10:20 pm – Lewyatan attacks Iris just as Alastor, Quetzalcoatl, Iris, and Lacrymos go back in time.

10:25 pm – Quetzalcoatl breaks up a fight in line outside the club. Lucy arrives and spots K’awiil in line.

10:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl and Lucy dance. Quetzalcoatl learns that Lucy once failed to Awaken.

10:35 pm – Alastor arrives to seduce Dionysus but forgets to bring the drinks. Porter moves his body out of Quetzalcoatl’s Hollow. Alastor goes back in time.

10:35 pm – Alastor brings the drinks and seduces Dionysus. Porter moves his body out of Quetzalcoatl’s Hollow.

11:00 pm – Minos challenges the Eastern Arrow to the Great Games. Athame asks Quetzalcoatl to ensure that the Assembly vote on whether Assembly mages should be able to hold Sleeper office gets a definitive resolution.

11:15 pm – Quetzalcoatl notices that Steve notices that Venus is using him, but Steve sticks with Salome’s group.

11:30 pm – Alastor foresees a future in which he and Dionysus are no longer enemies and they will both betray their allegiances. They fake a vicious argument for Persephone’s benefit while making telepathic plans to thwart Persephone. Alastor and Porter plot to stage an attack on Persephone. Quetzalcoatl debates with Assembly Syndics about the upcoming vote on whether Assembly mages should be able to hold Sleeper office, and influences the vote to come down 80/20 against.

11:55 pm – Alastor meets K’awiil and takes his business card. Alastor promises Jones a dance.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

12:00 am – Alastor makes a speech, and Frank Sinatra’s goetic band plays “My Way,” backed by Fate.

12:15 am – Salome corners Alastor and tells him she’s been appointed Claviger to the city’s High Mystery. Steve bails Alastor out. Quetzalcoatl spends private time with Lucy.

12:30 am – Alastor and Curia accept Steve into the cabal, and talk to Porter about Salome.

12:40 am – Alastor and Aamon agree to put together a case against Salome.

1:00 am – Porter rejoins mage society for a night.

3:00 am – Alastor spends the night with Jack and Ivy.

9:00 am – Quetzalcoatl reports back to Athame about the vote influence. Athame promotes Quetzalcoatl to sergeant. Quetzalcoatl receives a tattoo indicating his new rank.

12:00 pm – Alastor argues with Carmen over breakfast.

12:30 pm – Alastor walks the City in search of her heart, visiting important landmarks and learning about her past.

3:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl has lunch with Lucy.

4:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl shows off his tattoo at Aias and borrows a soul stone for his summoning ritual.

6:30 pm – Alastor meets and dances with the Dream of Los Angeles.

7:00 pm – Alastor talks to Merlin through his daimonomikon, learning the truth of the City’s heart about the Time Before and the king who never was, and his own Awakening and destiny. Alastor accepts Merlin’s tutelage and initiates into his Legacy.

11:00 pm – Alastor uses Fate to find Gus and Courier. Alastor talks to Courier about the House of Ariadne and the coming mage war.

11:50 pm – Alastor meets the congregation at the Our Lady Queen of Angels mission.

Monday, April 25, 2016

12:00 am – Alastor attends midnight mass with the House of Ariadne. The City proclaims him her Saint of Tribulation.

1:00 am – Alastor talks to the House about Merlin’s revelations and meets their contacts.

2:00 pm – Alastor studies the Lex Magica with Macaria.

6:00 pm – Alastor has dinner with Macaria and they discuss his petition to become a lictor.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 – Alastor investigates the Algorithm, lets Eratosthenes interview him about Angeli Pontis, researches with Iris, and summons a goetic angel. Quetzalcoatl summons an Aetheric angel, solves its riddle, and paints its portrait. Quetzalcoatl and John Doe attend a tagger battle and talk about their Legacy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 – Alastor gets the witch-hunters’ address from Ulysses, finishes his investigation, reports the Algorithm to the Consilium Council, and foresees the deaths of the Algorithm mages.

Friday, April 28, 2016 – Angeli Pontis declares the Right of Nemesis against the Algorithm. David assigns Quetzalcoatl to take over the prisoner exchange of E from the Consilium to the Assembly. Future Alastor leaves Porter a voicemail message about his visit to the Hedge.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

10:00 am – Quetzalcoatl studies Matter with Yamy.

12:00 pm – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl spy on the witch-hunters’ safehouse. They learn something is strange about Liam Cross and Cassidy Cross. They learn the layout of the safehouse and that the hunters don’t remember them from Disneyland.

1:00 pm – Alastor forestalls an ambush and Quetzalcoatl harmlessly takes a bullet to the chest at point blank range. They convince the hunters to talk with them.

1:30 pm – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl talk to Cass about the Algorithm and demons. Alastor learns that Cass carries a demonic power inside her and that she will never die. Cass freaks out about Interconnections and Telepathy. Alastor turns back time.

1:30 pm – Alastor and Quetzalcoatl talk to Cass about the Algorithm and demons. They plan to meet up later to get rid of E. Alastor convinces Cass to come to Mezzanotte later for help with her demon problem.

2:00 pm – Alastor foresees E’s death, the altered deaths of the Algorithm, and Frank and Anna’s attack on him and Jack at Mezzanotte.

2:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl shows Kave, Josie, and Lucy his painting of Videant, and moves the painting to a train tunnel on the surface. Alastor breaks into Dionysus’ old workspace to investigate it and falls into a trap. Dionysus rescues Alastor. Persephone’s plans lure them to a nearby rooftop where Alastor discovers that Persephone has been manipulating his Fate. Alastor and Dionysus plot to discover Persephone’s true plans, and have sex on the roof.

4:00 pm – Angeli Pontis meets up with Heraclio and Lykopis from the Arrow. Alastor foresees the demon-possessed armored truck at the prisoner exchange and they change the plan. Alastor foresees meeting Bluebeard on a train and another member of the Algorithm in an alley.

5:00 pm – Angeli Pontis go to the LA River.

5:30 pm – Alastor, Quetzalcoatl, Heraclio, and Lykopis fight demon crows of urban decay and a demon-possessed armored truck. The truck runs Quetzalcoatl over, and crows attack Static and Chastity. Alastor goes back in time.

5:30 pm – Alastor, Quetzalcoatl, Heraclio, and Lykopis fight demon crows of urban decay and a demon-possessed armored truck, and recover E. They learn about Helen’s disappearance and head for the Mall of Hollywood to find her. Alastor invites Cass to meet them there to help with demons.

6:00 pm – Angeli Pontis meets Iscariot. Iscariot tries to make a deal and reveals Alastor’s Destiny to the others. Quetzalcoatl and Alastor talk about Destiny. Alastor discovers that Chastity is mid-Awakening.

6:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl and Heraclio work to suppress the dormant whisperer inside E. Alastor walks with Chastity toward the Path to Awakening and she gets partway there. Alastor learns more about how demonic pacts work. Alastor and Cass hatch a plan to use Alastor as bait to trap and kill Iscariot.

7:00 pm – Quetzalcoatl transforms Alastor’s pocketwatch into lunargent. They spot the whisperer and stop it from altering E’s mind.

7:30 pm – Angeli Pontis meets Cass at the mall. Cass betrays them to lure Iscariot out, changing the plan to make the bait real. The cabal and the hunters fight and kill Iscariot. Chastity takes the next step along her Path to Awakening and leaps into a Hedge gate; Alastor follows.

8:00 pm – John warns Quetzalcoatl that the other hunters rigged the van to explode; Quetzalcoatl neutralizes the threat and takes the Arrow rookies to the safehouse to deal with E. Quetzalcoatl learns about the hunters’ greater network.

8:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl meets up with the hunters at the safehouse and reveals that Angeli Pontis was at Disneyland, and that Alastor read their memories of the Algorithm. Frank kills E. The hunters leave; Quetzalcoatl realizes the safehouse is rigged to explode and escapes with the other Arrows. Quetzalcoatl warns John that the other hunters believe he’s compromised.

9:30 pm – Quetzalcoatl reports back to David, who discovers Ch’asca is missing and shielded. David pledges the Arrow’s support of Angeli Pontis’ Right of Nemesis. Porter contacts Quetzalcoatl telepathically to let him know where Alastor is.

Sunday, May 1, 2016 – Quetzalcoatl has a dream that suggests something dark is happening to Ch’asca. Quetzalcoatl and Steve attend the monthly Assembly. Quetzalcoatl meets Spada. The Assembly votes to sustain their rule against mages taking Sleeper office. Quetzalcoatl defends Angeli Pontis’ Right of Nemesis, leading to Yagan moving for the Assembly to formally recognize the Right; the Assembly tables the movement. Quetzalcoatl reveals that he painted the Supernal art and defends the action. Quetzalcoatl and Steve learn that mages have been regularly disappearing recently, and see Mikhaila in the background of a photo of a missing mage. Quetzalcoatl talks to other Assembly artists about getting involved with the Sleeper school. Quetzalcoatl tells Kahlo about Mikhaila.

[Hedge Day 1] – Alastor learns about the Wyrd and the Hedge, and guides Chastity further along her Path to Awakening. Alastor cheats a goblin mapmaker and gets separated from Chastity. Alastor makes a deal with Cadboro and the mermaids to take him across the ocean.

Thursday, May 5, 2016 – Quetzalcoatl finds names, shrines, and fliers at the site of Videant’s portrait, and contacts Vineet Ghoshal about renting a studio.

Sunday, May 8, 2016 – Quetzalcoatl fixes up Mr. Ghoshal’s car and sells it for rent money. Quetzalcoatl and Steve paint on the studio’s walls.

[Hedge Day 2] – Alastor exchanges stories with Cadboro. Alastor meets with Porter in their Oneiros and learns he’s missed a week so far. He learns about his future self’s message and Porter’s plans to summon a Supernal demon into their Oneiros to remove his Prelacy and turn himself in to the Consilium. Alastor fills Porter in on recent events and talks to his daimon about Fate. Alastor learns about goblin fruit. Alastor tries to facilitate Porter talking to Merlin but fails. Alastor talks to Merlin about Fate and Destiny, the Gentry, and Lower Depths. Alastor receives a gift from the mermaids and arrives at the Marrying Tree.

Sunday, May 15, 2016
9:00 am – Zeus sends Quetzalcoatl a photo in the mail at the new studio showing a symbol in an alley that means “Become Human.”

12:00 noon – Quetzalcoatl reveals magic to Professor Dole-Recio, who warns him and hastily leaves. Quetzalcoatl receives Zeus’ mail.

[Hedge Day 3] – Alastor promises to repay Minnie’s favor, and tracks Chastity down. Alastor rescues Chastity from the Soup Kitchen. The Sticklers capture Alastor and Chastity, but Alastor effects an escape and learns how to Hedgespin with magic. Alastor holds off the Treasurer of Sober Exequies while Chastity climbs the Lunargent Watchtower. Alastor sees visions of Dionysus, Jack, Janus, Porter, and Porter’s new Guardian, and realizes Porter is becoming more like him. Alastor makes a deal with the Treasurer for Chastity’s safety and Erik’s temporary escape from Faerie in exchange for someone mid-journey to Supernal Arcadia or his firstborn child in 15 years. Chastity Awakens, finds Helen, and saves her life. Alastor negotiates with the changeling motley who tried to kidnap Helen, promising to help them become human in exchange for letting them leave the Hedge.

Sunday, May 15, 2016 (continued)

7:00 pm – Alastor fails to help Chastity wake up and returns from the Hedge. He goes back in time to schedule an Oneiros meeting with Porter in the past.

7:00 pm – Alastor, Chastity, Helen, and the changelings return from the Hedge.

8:00 pm – Alastor takes a job from the House of Ariadne to track down Jack, and schedules a meeting with Macaria. Alastor calls Quetzalcoatl. Alastor, Erik, and Carmen go out for pizza and exchange knowledge.

9:00 pm – Alastor visits Monarch Magic, buys a new wand, and invites Reese Davis to play poker at Mezzanotte.

9:30 pm – Alastor studies Erik and reads his future. Alastor makes plans to kill the Treasurer.

9:30 pm – Angeli Pontis meets to fill each other in on recent events and discusses them with Porter. They notice the “become human” pattern. Alastor foresees Porter’s death and warns him not to summon the demon yet. Alastor foresees finding Dionysus and Zeus at the abandoned zoo.

10:30 pm – Angeli Pontis clears out rowdy teens from the abandoned zoo and finds a throng of Prometheans taking Dionysus somewhere to “become human” according to the qashmallim, on Persephone’s tip. They avoid a fight and find the entrance to the Abyssal train station.

11:00 pm – Alastor sees that Mikhaila kidnapped Jack and put her on the train to Xibalba. Angeli Pontis, Dionysus, and Haint board the train to Xibalba. Porter teleports into the station but misses the train.

??? – Alastor meets an Abyssal echo of Artemis. Quetzalcoatl finds Abyssal echoes of John Doe’s parents. Angeli Pontis and Dionysus meet the Worthy, and together they defeat Bluebeard. Alastor kills Bluebeard. Artemis shoves Amy Lu out of the train. Alastor tries to break the train’s rules to find the missing mages, but accidentally causes Paradox and derails the train, which crashes back in the Fallen World in Xibalba, under Los Angeles. Dionysus merges with the Worthy. James Lu unravels and vanishes. Artemis transforms and enters Alastor’s mind.

Monday, May 16, 2016

12:00 am – The Abyssal train crashes at Xibalba.

8:00 am – Alastor goes back in time after sleeping.

Chronicle Timeline

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