"L.A. AREA RAIDED!" L.A. Times, Feb. 25, 1942

Excerpts from an issue of the L.A. Times newspaper, written in 1942. The text is written in glowing letters that Sleepers cannot see, covering ads and empty space, leaving the Sleeper news uncovered.

“L.A. Raid Repelled: According to Assembly Emissary Locust, the Los Angeles area was targeted by Seers of the Throne last night in an attempt to undermine the sense of safety and security among the Sleeper populace. Sources suggest that Seer agents rerouted Jap fighter-planes to L.A. airspace, resulting in a defensive response. Current information is limited, but one thing is clear: the brave Talons of the Adamantine Arrow and Minutemen of the Council defended our city with courage and grace, making use of the magical alert systems we’ve all worked so hard to employ. In a statement released by Deacon Lasseter, the Silver Ladder assured Los Angeles voters that Sleeper authorities would ‘soon determine that the attack [had been] a false alarm.’ He went on to say that ‘the Awakened must not succumb to fear, for the Sleepers depend on us to think clearly.’ "

The Sleeper news section contains breathless descriptions of air-force gunners fending off a night-time raid, complete with bombshells and paratroopers.

On the second page, the Awakened news continues:

“Ladder Opposition Blames Poor Leadership For Raid: Margrave, Syndic for the growing Traditionalist faction of the Silver Ladder, continues to criticize the Assembly for being too passive in resistance to our Seer opponents. Her statement includes a call for reform: ‘While the best of our men are overseas, aiding Allied forces against absolute tyranny, we dig in our heels. While Seers and Timori and Apostates eat us from the inside, we sit and argue about votes that accomplish nothing. When nightmares of war stalk the city streets, we study them and do nothing. The Awakened have our own enemies, and the war never ends. We need strong central leadership, the sort that every other major city in the world has.’ "

"L.A. AREA RAIDED!" L.A. Times, Feb. 25, 1942

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