Orders in Los Angeles

The following are estimates, stereotypes and reputations for the 10 Order Caucases in L.A. It should be updated to reflect changes in character knowledge or Order makeup.

The Assembly

Common Nicknames: “Town Hall”, “The Committee”
Areas of Influence: South L.A., East L.A., Hollywood, Whittier, Burbank, Glendale, parts of Downtown.
Membership: Five Order caucuses (including Free Council), and various Solitaries and Nameless. Some Apostates may still qualify as voters, if unwelcome ones.
Reputation: Idealistic, fractious, liberal, focused on worldly concerns.

The Eastern Free Council

Common Nicknames: “The Council,” “Libertines,” “Libertinos” (to specify L.A. members, “Futurists” (sometimes derogatory), “Trekkies” (usually derogatory)
Holdings: Caltech, Watchtower Games (a video game company)
Membership: ~95 Awakened, about half that in Sleepwalkers.
Reputation: Creative, inclusive, obsessed with technological progress to the point of ignoring magic. Close ties with Silicon Valley.
Known Caucus Assets & Holdings
The OracleNet Archives (Advanced Library); The Archive of Progress (technological Artifacts); Professional Training (technical). CalTech (Pasadena).

The Eastern Silver Ladder

Common Nicknames: “The Rainbow Ladder,” “Activists”
Areas of Influence: Hollywood
Membership: ~40 Awakened, similar numbers of Sleepwalkers.
Reputation: Socially-progressive, emphasis on political change in Sleeper society. Claim credit for legalization of same-sex marriage in CA in 1976.
Known Caucus Assets & Holdings
The Old Collection (social Artifacts); Allies (political); Status (governmental). Bradbury Building (Downtown).

The Eastern Mysterium

Common Nicknames: “Writers,” “Reporters,” “Paparazzi” (derogative)
Holdings: L.A. Times Building (downtown)
Membership: ~35 Awakened, maybe twice that in Sleepwalkers.
Reputation: Inquisitive and informative. Constantly exploring astral intrusions and strange sightings. Run the Awakened Times newspaper and website.
Known Caucus Assets & Holdings
Advanced Library (astral); Grimoires (primarily Mind, Space, Spirit, Time). L.A. Times Building (Downtown).

The Eastern Adamantine Arrow

Common Nicknames: “Angels,” “La Flecha,” “Gangbangers” (derogatory), “Thugs” (derogatory)
Areas of Influence: East L.A.
Membership: ~35 Awakened, maybe half that in Sleepwalkers.
Reputation: Tough, territorial, and aggressive, but crippled by the loss of their leadership in 2015. View local monsters and Banishers as rivals/intruders.
Known Caucus Assets & Holdings
Arsenal of Perfected Weapons. AIAS Gym (Burbank), Dodger Stadium (Glendale)

The Eastern Guardians of the Veil

Common Nicknames: “Gumshoes,” “The Quiet Guardians,” “The Background” (referring to movie extras)
Areas of Influence: Uncertain
Membership: Uncertain. Assumed comparable to or smaller than the Adamantine Arrow.
Reputation: Mysterious, well-informed, aloof. Often act as spotters for the Arrow.
Known Caucus Assets & Holdings
Contacts (intelligence). No holdings; may be found in Anaheim.

Unaffiliated Voters


The Consilium

Common Nicknames: “Traditionalists,” “The Diamond,” “Fivers,” “Out-of-Towners”
Areas of Influence: Orange County, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, parts of Downtown
Membership: Five Orders, forming a relatively-traditional Pentacle.
Reputation: Wealthy, conservative, focused on Atlantean mythology and ideals.

The Western Silver Ladder

Common Nicknames: “The Opposition Ladder,” “Producers,” “Recruiters,” “Carpetbaggers”
Holdings: The Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel, and three known lines of Proximi.
Membership: ~65, and slightly fewer Sleepwalkers. Perhaps a dozen Proximi.
Reputation: Focused on accumulating power for all Awakened, and making L.A. the Awakened City. Only Order in L.A. confirmed to have a Master, which commands respect.
Known Caucus Assets & Holdings
Retainer (Proximi lines), Favors (Consilium Orders), Mystery Cults (Cryptopolies). The Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel (Beverly Hills).

The Western Free Council

Common Nicknames: “Historians,” “The Other Assembly,” “Young Money” (derogatory), “Redcoats” (derogatory)
Areas of Influence: Financial District (downtown)
Membership: ~45 Awakened, slightly more Sleepwalkers
Reputation: Ultraconservative young men. Interested in classical philosophy and the technology of yesteryear.
Known Caucus Assets & Holdings
Resources; Contacts (Financial, Rich and Famous); Bacchanal (special Merit; throw special parties for social/magical bonuses). Trans-Atlantic Radio (location unknown).

The Western Adamantine Arrow

Common Nicknames: “The Arrow Force,” “Coast Guard,” “Jarheads” (derogatory, though the Arrows use it among themselves)
Holdings: El Segundo Airforce Base, Fort MacArthur (San Pedro)
Membership: ~40 Awakened, similar number of Sleepwalkers
Reputation: Disciplined, authoritative, controlling. Quick to deal with dangerous Abyssal intrusions (e.g. during Rodney King riots in 1992).
Known Caucus Assets & Holdings
Spartan Corps (bodyguards); Retainer (Sleeper military/police/coast guard). L.A. Airforce Base in El Segundo.

The Western Mysterium

Common Nicknames: “Curators,” “Dreamers,” “Headcases” (derogatory)
Holdings: Natural History Museum of L.A. County and SoCal (downtown)
Membership: ~35 Awakened, maybe half that in Sleepwalkers
Reputation: Secretive, cerebral. Known for exploration of Temenos.
Known Caucus Assets & Holdings
Daimonomikon (Mysterium, Mastigos, Obrimos); Retainer (Proximi lines). Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (Exposition Park).

The Western Guardians of the Veil

Common Nicknames: “Personalities,” “Shikiri no Shugosha,” “Moonies” (derogatory), “Censors” (derogatory)
Areas of Influence: Little Tokyo Historic District
Membership: ~25 Awakened, slightly more Sleepwalkers
Reputation: Charismatic, cultish, outspoken, obstinate. Involved in cults throughout L.A. Overtly campaigns against risky uses of magic or actions that might threaten the Veil.
Known Caucus Assets & Holdings
Mystery Cult (Labyrinths). No holdings; may be found in Koreatown.

Orders in Los Angeles

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