Supernal Artifact: the Astral Antenna

Activation: Spend an hour priming the Antenna with specific High Speech commands and calibrate it to the proper effect (including adjustable spell factors). Once calibrated, it can be commanded to cease a given known effect, cease all active effects, or precisely repeat the last effect used, with an instant action instead of the hour-long priming. Awakened with the High Speech Merit can generally activate the Antenna without a roll. Users without the High Speech Merit must roll Presence + Occult in order to mimic the specific ritual chanting required for each specific activation. This means that the Antenna can be used by characters who aren’t Awakened.

Active Effects:
Psychic Genesis (Mind 5, Ritual, Advanced Duration [one year or less], Scale-adjustable, Potency 1, 10 dice).
Psychic Projection (Mind 4, Ritual, Advanced Duration [one year], Advanced Scale [entire theater, adjustable], Potency 1 [adjustable], 10 dice).
Teleportation (Space/Mind 4, Ritual, Sensory, Potency 6, 5 dice. See below.)
Sympathetic Range attainment. Use to teleport the subject’s astral form (or a goetia) anywhere in the Fallen World, the Temenos, or a specific Oneiros with an appropriate sympathetic Yantra hung from the Antenna. When teleporting into a subject’s Oneiros, the subject Withstands with Resolve. Casting: 1 hr, 6 dice. Requires 1 Mana.

Merit Rating: 10 (Mana 20, Gnosis 5, research 20succ)

Adjustable spell factors allow the user to specify casting penalties in exchange for improving the listed spell factors. Only spell factors noted to be adjustable may be improved. For all other mechanics, see the Artifact Merit.

Supernal Artifact: the Astral Antenna

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