If you're hearing this message...

A recording of a man’s voice, deep and wry. It’s freely available to any mage of Voter rank in the Council, filed under Council Minutes, August 20, 2015.

“If you’re hearing this message, then I’m already dead. The East L.A. Caucus of the Adamantine Arrow has lost its Adamant Sage. Sorry.

“All the appropriate measures for my death have been taken. The Arrow will handle its transfer of authority internally, as you already know. [rustling papers] This isn’t about that.

“This is about the Banishers.

“The Guardians of the Veil have been telling you for years that the Banishers are becoming a real problem, but you didn’t care, because most of the victims have been Nameless. You call them Timori because it’s more comforting to imagine that our enemies are cowards. But when it comes to their mission, they’re fearless and strange, and they learn damn fast. Maybe they have outside help, or maybe they’re just that dedicated.

“But while I was hunting them, they found me. And now I have to face them. I made a promise.

“If you’re hearing this, they’ve already killed me. Maybe this will be the sign you need to get off your asses. If the best way I can serve the Arrow is as an example, then I’ll do just that.

“But if I can come back alive with a few heads on my belt, so much the better.”

Recording ends.

Attached media include reports from Sleeper media about an underground explosion, a fire that affected a high-rise building, missing persons notices, and a collection of Shadow Names of Awakened who haven’t been seen since 8/20/15. There are twenty names, over half from the Adamantine Arrow.

If you're hearing this message...

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